. . . this week my Trap Jumpin’- by $muggzz

From the beginning of Pac-Man you can tell the pace picked up from the previous UberMan Mixtape, both hosted by DJ Bandz & released by artist Ray Reed.  In the title track, Pac-Man, Ray reminds you that during your grind ‘niggaz hate you when you makin moves/ unless dem niggaz bout to make em witchu’.  … Continue reading . . . this week my Trap Jumpin’- by $muggzz



it's like an art Freelane'n how we $lack'n wit tha Gvng. . . it's crazy kuzz whatchu see ain't always what it seems we tha weirdos. . . tha Coyotes yo comin' in howlin' FREELANCE but where da MONEY doh we'll encourage you to hug uh tree daily environmentalists be we travel tha lands religiously … Continue reading Freelanthropy

Yeah-Yeah Clockwerk – By $muggzz

My flight had just landed in Cincinnati.  Getting up from my seat I scrambled looking for my phone to see if the game was still on.  I was able to access my iPhone to catch the second half of the New Albany Bulldogs vs La Lumiere Lakers in a High School Showcase basketball game on … Continue reading Yeah-Yeah Clockwerk – By $muggzz

Hit Tha Button – by $muggzz

To Make A Long Story Short is one of the best mixtapes of the year.  Trev Rich of Denver recently signed with Cash Money, and didn’t miss a beat with these 13 total tracks including the bonus track Flex Sumn.  Some critics say, ‘it’s his use of auto tune’ or ‘he’s another rapper singing over … Continue reading Hit Tha Button – by $muggzz