. . . this week my Trap Jumpin’- by $muggzz

From the beginning of Pac-Man you can tell the pace picked up from the previous UberMan Mixtape, both hosted by DJ Bandz & released by artist Ray Reed.  In the title track, Pac-Man, Ray reminds you that during your grind ‘niggaz hate you when you makin moves/ unless dem niggaz bout to make em witchu’.  He continues to hit you with pinpoint punchlines; poetically using the precision of a sculptor how he paints the picture.  Yes, there is a lot of drug and gun referencing, but I see it as his way of lyrically expressing his climb to the top.  We’ll use part of the chorus on Petty as an example; I was 21 I had the dagger wit me/  I was thuggin’ wit a crack sack/ settin’ up tha block like a crackback/ fuckin off now I need my pack back scratch dat!  Some will say, ‘I didn’t know that’s what he said there’, or ‘I don’t know what he’s saying there’.   Reed’s unique voice and use of cunning metaphors will have you thinking and laughing.

When listening to Iceboy Speaks you will gain insight on how Ray continues to manifest the progression of his life.  On the track 10 Bands he says ‘..time to invest in myself/ yeah/ I don’t need nobody else yeah’.  Ray may not need anyone else, but he is not alone.  He enlisted the services of his Finesse Gang cohorts to help kick in the door bringing to life the visual for Training Day.  Reed shows off his storytelling ability in Part 1Wassup has a line that I tell females all the time; ‘so I told her wassup/ we need to link up/ she said we can link up but you ain’t gonna fuck/ I don’t give a fuck’.  It takes time to get to know if someone is real or not, and with the first week numbers behind Ray it’s proving he is about to Make It.  ‘The best thing in life beyond Family and Cash and god is Freedom’ is some of the truth about doing whatever it takes on Fuck DOC.  ‘But if you ever doubted me/ you won’t get nothing out of me/ you were never there when I ain’t have shit workin out for me/it’s Fuck all of ya’ll/ that’s why I stopped callin’ ya’ll’; Almost Sure is a great outro for this mixtape with a salute to those who don’t totally believe.

The artistic growth from his previous mixtape is very evident.  He may not have all the ‘club’ beats that drown out the nothingness most new-age rappers resort to.  Ray has a way of creating his vocal wave in each song with meaningful verbiage that your ears ride with and the beat follows as you surf.  Pac-Man brings to life the game in verbal form as Ray carves his way through the streets of Denver getting his paper, while staying away from haters who lurk in the shadows like ghosts.  Click on the link and let us know what you think, but if numbers don’t lie then the title is true in the end.  Like he said ‘they don’t wanna see you win/ they don’t wanna see you win’.


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