Hit Tha Button – by $muggzz

To Make A Long Story Short is one of the best mixtapes of the year.  Trev Rich of Denver recently signed with Cash Money, and didn’t miss a beat with these 13 total tracks including the bonus track Flex Sumn.  Some critics say, ‘it’s his use of auto tune’ or ‘he’s another rapper singing over the chorus’ is what makes him sound like others in the game.  The way he uses these musical additions are only part of his style.  Trev has a unique flow with lyrics that vibrate on a heartfelt level with his listeners.

Focus on this chapter even though I’m gettin’ booked/Life’ll show you everything you missin’ if you look.  The Intro gives you a glimpse of how life is changing around Trev, but like he said people want you close when they see you out of reachZone is where he explains that sometimes playing against you can be your teammates main purpose.  Kinda like Shaq & Kobe/after the split after the ships before the forf before the fif wasn’t a sixth that’s BullShit.  This is also a great track for a session passing a paper plane around.

Smoke Drink Fuck Fight Fuck Fight Fuck REPEAT.  The track Repeat will bring back feelings of a situation where you were stuck in this cycle.  When he says, I got the Juice and these Hoes are so thirstay!  Juice Ft Villz is talking to the ladies wondering where they’re at with their intellect mentioning ain’t no guidelines/for the sideline/whatchu reading iZ it books or iZ it timelines.

You should know he’s on to a different level when he said Nothing bout this shit iZ Regular from Not No Mo (Regular)Boys Don’t Cry is a very true song about growing up as a young black male, and the improper teaching of emotional balance.  Cuz they ain’t ever teach us how to handle our emotions mane/they said if they get to us then we just wasn’t focused mane/they say Boys Don’t Cry nigga men ain’t boys keep it all in mane/& it’s hard to stand with that kind of weight we keep fallin’ mane.

In Unappreciated he starts off saying Lets bring back Teen Summit/& get the youth involved.  He also states I’m done speaking timid/I think I finally reached my limit; knowing he wants it better for his kids.  I can relate to a lot of what he’s talking about on this mixtape.  From the experiences he references to the thinking he expresses and the vibe he possesses.  To Make A Long Story Short Hit the Button and tell me what you think.


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